Do you offer free consultations?

I do not offer free legal consultations. "Why?" you might ask.

You are hiring me to give you the best advice based on my experience, industry knowledge, and expertise. When you engage with The Creator's Law Firm you will receive these benefits, as well as, all of the firm's resources to address your legal and business matter.

I never want there to be a conflict between what's best for your business and the livelihood of mine.

During our initial strategy session, I will not sell you things you do not need. Even if the very thing you desire is what you came to see me about. It is never my job to sell you, only to advise you of the value of options to your business. 

After I provide you with legal advice concerning your business, I must turn away potential clients whose interests are adverse to yours. 

Lastly and most importantly, I am bringing all of my training and professional experience, passion and presence, to work on your business. I ask that you bring the same. Your investment makes us both highly motivated and committed to fruitful discussions and your strategic business empowerment.

Do you offer contract templates?

We will offer contract templates on a rolling basis for future workshop, seminar and webinar participants. When these offerings do become available, they will be offered for a limited time only.

Where do we meet for appointments?

We serve as the trusted legal advisor for clients across the country and regularly conduct meetings via a secure video conferencing platform. 

We meet with local creatives via video, telephone or in person at either our uptown office located at Packard Place HQ or our main office located at 8501 Tower Point Drive, Suite B5 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Once your session is booked, you'll receive further instruction concerning your meeting from The Creator's Law Firm team.