Are you tired of people copying your creative works and feeling like you can't do ANYTHING about it without paying expensive legal fees?

Do you want to protect your t-shirt ideas, because you’re afraid copycats will steal your awesome designs?

Are you a coach and have experienced past clients copying your unique programs and re-selling them without paying you a dime?

Are you an influencer with tons of pictures that continue to pop up in other business’s ads and Instagram pages?

Are you an author or blogger creating BANGING content that continues to get jacked?

Are you a creative entrepreneur and KNOW that intellectual property is pretty important for your business, but have NO CLUE how to protect your ideas?

If none of this applies to you, my bad. You can click "unsubscribe" now, BUT if ANY of those questions hit home, you're in the RIGHT place.

I'm preparing to drop the HOTTEST DIY Legal Course that's ever hit these internet streets.

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COPYBLOCKING: Back That Asset Up isn't just a nod to Juvenile and our nation's national anthem...err favorite club banger, but isa course that will deliver tangible legal guidance to you for your business.

You'll learn how to:

  • Register a your works with the U.S. Copyright Office (this includes music, books, ebooks, blogs, graphic designs, artwork, courses and more)
  • File Copyright Infringement Notices with Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and other social media platforms when your work is infringed upon
  • Receive lawyer-approved Cease & Desist templates for your use
  • Have a weekly Q&A with your Legal Bae (that's me) so that I can answer any questions you may have about the course or your application. 
  • Have the opportunity to work with me one-on-one during a VIP Legal Day where I will snatch your business's edges and  re-lay them all in one day. (No Jamaican Black Castor Oil will be harmed during our sessions.) 
  • & More... (like for real, I don't have time to type all the amazing stuff that will be in this course.) 

I only work with winners so if you're ready to win and lay the smackdown on these lurkers and copycats, you can register for the course here:

Module 1

  • What is a copyright?
  • Can I copyright my business name?


  • What is an intellectual property portfolio?
  • How to build your profitable IP portfolio.


  • Registering your creative works with the U.S. Copyright Office

module 4

  • Maintenance and protection of your IP portfolio
  • Protecting your creative works 


  • Weekly Q&A sessions with Attorney Davis about intellectual property 


  • DMCA Templates
  • Cease & Desist Templates
  • & so much more