I'm not your conventional attorney. I don't work in a fancy high-rise or frequent court rooms on a daily basis. I'm a lover of justice, a creative, a dreamer, a doer, an encourager, a mother, a wife, a lover of sparkly things, a lover of excess and minimalism. (Talk about the paradox.)

I was a rapper in my past life. I love checklists and "to do" lists that seem to never end. I suffer from anxiety and worry too much. I'm multi-passionate, a recovering procrastinator and perfectionist. 

Today, I want to talk to you about perfectionism. The "Perfect Ticora" is the ideal Ticora. She never makes mistakes, she's punctual, and she cooks meals that Laura Vitale would envy. Mama Patty invites Ticora to cook Thanksgiving dinner and Michelle wants her to add her emendations to the White House's State Dining Room. 

Oh and she's also Beyonce's trusted legal advisor. Naturally, of course.  

I hate her guts. 

The idea of the perfect me has delayed the manifestation of my dreams for months, even years. Perfectionism will paralyze your visions and deter you from trying anything new. It's pretty much the equivalent of The Stunning Spell in real life.

I can almost guarantee that every creative has suffered from perfectionism or battles it on a daily basis. It really serves no purpose in your life or business.   

I've found on my own journey that the idea that I must be perfect, produce perfect things, and say things perfectly has stopped me from even starting or trying something new.

Over the years, many business ideas have come to me, but they have since disappeared from my memory completely because I did not write them down or explore them more intimately. I was paralyzed by the unknown and I used my lack of knowledge and my lack of being perfect as an excuse to procrastinate.

Don't let this be you. Fight back. As I prepare to open my law firm, I'm fighting with all I have and I'm leaving the perfect me behind. So, as we prepare to embrace a New Year, I encourage you to -

Ditch The Perfectionism

Take 5 minutes today and write down your business idea, no matter how big or small, and put into words what a successful business looks like to you. What services will you provide? How will your customers feel when they receive your product or service? Who can you study that's currently killing it in your field?

If you already have an established business, take 5 minutes to assess where in your business is perfectionism paralyzing you? Are there new products or ideas you want to present to your audience? Is there something radical you want to change? Embrace the unknown. 

Step over the fear and refuse to allow the HOW to paralyze you.

Focus on the WHAT for now...the rest will come in time.

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